Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Commercial Water Heater Repairs in Las Vegas

Commercial water heaters are quite different from residential units, and therefore demand closer attention and greater care. This is why it is important for business owners to pay attention to their commercial units and ensure that any repairs are performed by professionals that know what they are doing. Our company performs commercial water heater repairs in Las Vegas, and in our experience, it helps when business owners understand the implications of having a commercial unit.

Residential vs. commercial water heaters

You cannot have a residential water heater installed at your place of work and then expect it to perform the same. There are major differences between residential and commercial water heaters that make it a lot more important to pay close attention to your commercial unit. For one, commercial units can be quite expensive and it is important to give them proper care so they can serve you for the longest time possible. If you require professional advice on the commercial water heater to choose for your business, give us a call today.

Heavier workload

One reason why commercial water heaters cost a lot more is that they are often much larger than residential units. This is because they are designed to support many more people than would be found in a single residence. Even if the building does not accommodate too many people, the plumbing will be used a lot more than in a typical home. As such, commercial water heaters are larger in order to hold more water and the materials used to construct them are heavier so they can handle heavier use. Selecting the right commercial water heater should be done based on your needs; call us for professional advice when selecting yours.

Complex systems

Another significant difference between domestic and commercial water heaters is that commercial units must be able to run higher temperatures. This is important because they need to keep greater amounts of water hot. They can usually be set to higher temperatures than your typical domestic water heater. In addition, commercial units require a lot of extra plumbing and piping to meet the hot water needs of a business.
As a result, commercial systems can be quite complex as a matter of necessity when compared to residential systems. This is why any commercial water heater repair work should be done by an experienced professional. Give us a call to receive services from the very best commercial water heater contractors in Las Vegas.


Depending on the type of commercial water heater in your premises, you might face serious hazards if you do not have your commercial water heater repair done immediately you notice a problem with your unit. We perform all types of commercial water heater repairs in Las Vegas professionally, and you can be sure you will not need further repair for a long time.

In case your water heater malfunctions, don’t just call any plumber - this could cost you a lot more in the long run if they don’t do it right. For guaranteed satisfaction, call us on 702-727-8181 for free estimates and a guaranteed price quote. We are a team of certified plumbers with a world of experience in commercial water heater repair and we will ensure the job is done right the first time.

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